Cultivation, Genetic Analysis and Phytochemistry

Utilising a world-renowned environmental institute boasting state of the art horticultural facilities located in Western Sydney, AMCREC provides a potential platform* for partnership to develop new varieties of cannabis, via characterisation of genetic traits and environmental factors that regulate the production of desirable medicinal cannabis constituent profiles. This site provides for the potential establishment of secure and quarantined cultivation facilities that meet Office of Drug Control (ODC) requirements.

Specialist knowledge in medicial cannabis molecular biology is provided by Dr. Chris Cazzonelli. His extensive background in plant (epi)genetics makes him well placed to provide the knowledge and techniques essential to the development of novel cannabis cultivars with desirous cannabinoid profiles.

Our collaboration also offers access to TGA-accredited laboratories and an experienced team to conduct laboratory analysis of complex plant medicines. Phytochemical analysis is essential for the quality assurance (QA) requirements embedded within the ODC regulatory framework. Furthermore, a range of equipment and techniques to characterise medicinal cannabis cultivars and constituent profiles, such as HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR, and services such as stability studies and method validation, are available.

* We are currently seeking investment and partnerships to build greenhouses and medicinal gardens for research and commercialisation opportunities.