Preclinical Research

Our team of expert preclinical scientists and collaborators provide unique skills for developing an array of preclinical medicinal cannabis models relevant to a range of human diseases, including dementia, cancer, and mental/neurological disorders. We have internationally recognised expertise and PC2 accredited pharmacology laboratories to support investigations into the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the plant in a range of in vitro and in vivo models, allowing for the determination of efficacy and safety of cannabis preparations prior to human clinical trials.

Specialising in cannabinoid chemistry, Assoc. Prof Kamali Kannangara is a preclinical specialist. Kamali has published on the multi-step synthesis of cannabinoids, as well as cannabinoid spectroscopy, and brings those skills and knowledge for cannabinoid analysis and product development.

Prof Andrew Shalliker is an expert in HPLC and complex sample separation, including whole-plant samples such as cannabis. Andrew’s skills and expertise allow the separation and isolation of specific cannabinoid molecules, as well as the analysis of cannabis constituents.

Behavioral neuroscientist Assoc. Prof Tim Karl is a specialist in animal models of neuropsychiatric illness. With a specific background in cannabinoid therapies for neuropsychiatric conditions in vivo, Tim’s expertise allows for the testing of safety, efficacy and pharmacodynamics in an ethical and effective manner. He currently holds an NHMRC Project Grant studying cannabinoids in mice dementia models.

Our team and collaborators are able to perform:

  • Quality assurance through authentication of the botanical identity of raw plant material and identification of active ingredients.
  • Extraction, isolation and quantification of plant based biomarkers.
  • Method development for quality assurance of complex cannabis medicines, in addition to stability studies.
  • Preclinical bioactivity and clinical availability studies.
  • A variety of humane animal models to assess the efficacy and safety of isolated cannabinoids (and other compounds) and full-spectrum preparations
  • Molecular studies in specific disease models.

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