AMCREC brings together leading expertise and state of the art facilities

About our medicinal cannabis collaboration

A world-class collaboration in bush to bench to bedside medicinal cannabis research, led by a cross-disciplinary academic theme based in Western Sydney. Bringing together leading expertise and state of the art facilities, our collaboration provides a platform for high-quality, independent research, education and consultancy services in medicinal cannabis.

Our team of scientists and academics provide novel and innovative solutions for the technical and research challenges faced by industry, with specific expertise in medicinal cannabis, botany, genomics, molecular biology, medicinal plant metabolism, phytochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, clinical sciences and psychopharmacology.

We have specific capability for*:

  • Cultivation and development of medicinal cannabis hybrids
  • Phytochemical analysis to optimise constituent profiles
  • Preclinical in vitro and in vivo models for specific therapeutic applications
  • Clinical trials in humans to test efficacy and safety of products
  • Education and consultancy services
  • Commercial testing of cultivars and products in TGA-accredited laboratories
  • Development of intellectual property and commercialisation of new products

For a quote on clinical trials or to learn more about the analytical testing we offer, please contact us via the contact details at the bottom of this page.

* Current NSW Department of Health hemp research license; Federal research (manufacturing) license in submission with the ODC.