Clinical Trials and Product Development

Based at a newly renovated heritage-listed research facility in the heart of Australia (from May 2018), our collaboration hosts sophisticated, ICH-compliant clinical trial facilities which support gold standard human clinical trials of medicinal cannabis products. All clinical research projects undertaken are in accordance with global standards of Good Clinical Practice using Standard Operating Procedures.

Our Clinical Research Laboratory also has the capacity for product-specific clinical research, including Phase IIa studies exploring the pharmacokinetics and safety elements of medicinal cannabis products, providing an attractive option for organisations requiring assistance in product development.

Specialising in psychotropic plant medicine, Prof Jerome Sarris provides expertise in human clinical trials. With extensive experience in medicinal plants and nutraceutical based treatment trials in neuropsychiatric disorders, Jerome brings the expertise necessary to design, trial for market-ready, evidence-based medicines. Considering the growing demand for personalised medicine, Prof Sarris’ background in genomic techniques means he is well-equipped to apply pharmacogenomic advances to the potential development of precision-based medicinal cannabis products.

Our transdisciplinary collaboration is committed to developing partnerships with industry and other institutions to develop novel whole-plant (full spectrum) medicinal cannabis formulations. We are dedicated to evolving the science in this area for direct therapeutic benefits and to ease human suffering. We are proud to showcase our potential to develop medicinal cannabis medicines from ‘bush to bench to bedside’: from early stage cultivation and pharmacognosy, to preclinical in vitro and in vivo models, through to clinical studies for a go-to-market evidence-based product.

For more information  on our clinical trial services, please contact us via the contact details at the bottom of this page.