A World Class Collaboration
Bringing together leading expertise and state of the art facilities across Western Sydney, the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Research & Education Collaboration (AMCREC) provides a platform for high-quality, independent research, education and consultancy services in medicinal cannabis.
Preclinical Studies
Preclinical in vitro and in vivo models for specific therapeutic applications. Click the link below for more information on techniques or contact us for a quote on analytical testing.
Clinical Studies
From testing efficacy and safety of products to development of intellectual property and commercialisation of new products. Contact us for a quote on ICH-compliant clinical trials.
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Preclinical Medicinal Cannabis Research

PC2 accredited pharmacology laboratories supporting investigations of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, as well as characterisation of genetic and environmental determinants of constituent profiles.


Clinical Trials

Product-specific clinical research, including Phase IIa studies exploring the pharmacokinetics and safety elements of medicinal cannabis products within ICH-compliant clinical trial facilities.


Product Development

Capability to develop medicinal cannabis medicines from ‘bush to bench to bedside’: from early stage cultivation and pharmacognosy, in vitro and in vivo models, through to clinical studies for a go-to-market evidence-based product.



Our collaboration can provide training in medicinal cannabis for authorised prescribers, as well as general education for the public on therapeutic and safety considerations of the medical prescribing of cannabis.


Medicinal Cannabis Symposium 2018

Australia’s first collaborative medicinal cannabis research symposium was held at NICM in September, 2018. It brought together Australia’s best academics, researchers and educators in the field of medicinal cannabis under one roof, along with several leading international authorities.

Click on the link here for a summary and photos of this landmark event.

Justin Sinclair

Research Fellow, Pharmacognosist & Educator

Jerome Sarris

Professor of Integrative Mental Health

Tim Karl

Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Kamali Kannangara

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Nanotechnology

Andrew Shalliker

Professor of Analytical Chemistry

Chris Cazzonelli

Senior Lecturer In Plant Molecular Biology

Maggie Davidson

Lecturer of Environmental Health and Management