Education and Consulting

Our collaboration can provide training in medicinal cannabis for authorised prescribers, as well as general education for the public on therapeutic and safety considerations of the medical prescribing. Consultation and advice is also available for organisations interested in developing research programs and protocols in medicinal cannabis.

When it comes to education in the field, we recognise this covers numerous scientific disciplines and multiple end users. The educational material required for medical practitioners as prescribers will be different to that needed for nurses and other healthcare providers. Conversely, patients and carers also require evidence-based information to assess whether they might benefit from medicinal cannabis and start this conversation with their medical doctor. Yet another group needing education are the academics, scientists and researchers, whose technical understanding of the plant will hopefully translate to benefits for both patients and practitioners.

Justin Sinclair is an associate member of both the Society of Cannabis Clinicians in the United States and the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and is  heavily involved in educating medical professionals, scientists and politicians about cannabis based therapeutics and the endocannabinoid system. Justin has over 15 years experience working education and collaborates with researches, clinicians and organisations across the world, including the patient advocacy network United in Compassion.

Stay tuned for the details for the upcoming Sydney and Melbourne education workshops.